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Japan-US Artist Collaboration Exhibition

"SAKURA for Tomorrow"

contemporary artists from Japan and America in conversation ”

(Sakura for Tomorrow: Contemporary Artist From Japan and America in Conversation)

April 6th (Tuesday) -May 1st (Saturday), 2021

Long run held

Date: Real Exhibition-Tuesday, April 6, 2021- Saturday, May 1st

Virtual Exhibition-Tuesday, April 6, 2021-Saturday, May 29, 2021

* (The end date of the virtual exhibition may be changed and extended)

Venue: Viridian Artist Gallery

Address: 548 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001 USA

Chelsea, New York

District commercials

Held at the gallery

American artist

It is a joint exhibition with.

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Person in charge: To Morikawa

Please feel free to contact us.

New York Spring art show

Japanese and American Artists


Japanese and American artists

Collaboration exhibition

It will be held in April.

2020 was a year of chaos and turmoil not only in Japan and the United States, but in the world as well, but from a positive perspective, I think it was possible for artists to take a closer look at their work. It is New York-like thinking that is more positive than negative, overcomes the crisis, walks toward a new future, and opens up new possibilities.


In 2019, with the new partnership from the Lower East Side area to the Chelsea area gallery "Viridian Artists Gallery", not only the annual art fair exhibition and summer exhibition, but also the autumn arts and craft gift exhibition , The range of activities has expanded, such as collaborative exhibitions with American artists. In addition, under the scourge of Corona, many events are now being held in a new style of "virtual" in the direction of activating remote and online development.


Viridian Artists Gallery is run by architects, designers, cue letters, artists and other creators who are active on the front lines. It is an organization that has supported the activities of ambitious and up-and-coming artists for more than 50 years since it was established in the 1960s. The annual schedule will be decided by the members and special exhibitions through discussions by the steering committee members.


Along with the rigor of veteran creators with solid eyes, the direction from the same artist's perspective is always based on the support of the artist. Vernita Nemec, the director of the gallery, pays attention to the activities of the NY Art Wave Project, shows a keen interest in the works of Japanese artists, and cooperates with exhibitions and collaboration events at the gallery.


In 2020, the world was confused by the violence of an unknown virus called the new coronavirus, but the gallery quickly escaped from the chaos and is engaged in activities to raise the morale of artists and planning support.


The 2021 NY Spring exhibition titled "SAKURA for Tomorrow" will be held as a collaborative exhibition by American and Japanese artists at the board meeting of the Viridian Gallery. It became "SAKURA for Tomorrow: contemporary artists from Japan and America in conversation".


As the title suggests, an exhibition will be held in New York on the theme of various thoughts of Japanese and American artists who have overcome the dark times and turned their eyes to a new tomorrow and future. This is a great opportunity to share your work alongside American artists. We sincerely look forward to the participation of ambitious artists.