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Gallery space at "Atelier Mu: min"

Make your dreams come true in New York!

The area from the Chelsea district of Manhattan to the Fashion Institute of Technology area is called the "Fashion District" and is a region full of fashion, apparel and fashion offices.

The region has been further revitalized since the advent of the City Hotel Ace Hotel, which attracted attention in Nomad Cool and became extremely popular. And, in the gallery space "Atelier Mu: min" in the corner, the fashionable white space is wrapped in a calm atmosphere, and consideration is given to slowly appreciate the work, the creator's It is a space for.

The New York Art Wave Project has created its own gallery space in collaboration with the fashionable art space "Atelier Mu: min" in Manhattan's Chelsea district.

Paintings (oil / watercolor), illustrations, graphics, photographs, ceramics,

Artists with great potential, regardless of field, such as fresh flowers

We provide and disseminate a place for presenting works. We plan and hold unique and ambitious events such as solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and lectures.

For inquiries about group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, etc.

Please feel free to contact us at nyartwave@gmail.com.