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NY ART WAVE Project is a private & commercial gallery located in New York in USA, Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.

The mission in the galley is collecting and introducing unique and new emerging contemporary Japanese artists between New York and Japan.

NY ART WAVE PROJECT supports curated exhibitions to help artists gain more presence and promote their artistic activities in Japan and New York. We have / had numerous art exhibitions in NY and Japan with our collaboration partner NPO organization “Dessart” of Japan. We propose either solo or group exhibitions, art events, presented as retrospectives or focused on a particular aspect of an artist's practice and career.

NY ART WAVE is mainly concerning to take personal care of its collectors as well as its artists. Please join our mailing list to find out about upcoming events.

New York Art Wave will assist you in acting and coordinating art-related projects for artists who want to take on the challenge of the New York art scene. Our local staff, who are familiar with NY art affairs, will promptly handle complicated and complicated procedures.

We also produce in New York to get in touch with the real art scene, such as exhibitions and previews tailored to the original project, and consultation on art tour plans.

E-mail ( Nyartwave Atto Gmail.Com in), please feel free to contact us.