Ashok Jane Gallery:

The large glass window facing the street allows you to see the inside of the gallery, making it an ideal gallery space that attracts not only collectors but also many passers-by.

Calling Artists for an exhibition opportunity

Japanese Artists Summer Group Exhibition in NY 2014

[Recruitment of Japanese artists for the summer exhibition]

Since the spectacular reopening of the New Museum in Manhattan's Lower East Side (LES) district in December 2007, the areas that had been unrelated to art until then have been lined up with old and new gallery spaces. Has opened, and the New York art movement trend has now completely shifted to downtown East. The Whitney museum will be relocated and reopened in 2015, and the Andy Warhol Museum will be built, further revitalizing the LES area.

57th Street in New York was once a busy area with long-established art galleries, but many A-class galleries have moved to LES to catch the wave of the times.

"Ashok Jain Gallery", which has a history of more than 30 years as an art dealer and has been developing business in a corner of the New York Gallery Building on 57th Street, has changed its mind and started a new gallery space on the ground floor of LES from March 2014. Was opened and reopened. To commemorate this opportunity, Ashok Jain Gallery, which has a deep relationship with Japan for some time, plans seasonal events and holds group exhibitions by Japanese artists. We are looking forward to the participation of enthusiastic artists who are aiming for further development by focusing on promotion activities that also support artists who are aiming for overseas expansion.

We also support carry-on projects such as group exhibitions and solo exhibitions, so please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and application guidelines.

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