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The reception of the exhibition series held in 2015

Summer Art Exhibition in New York

[Recruitment of participants for the 2016 Summer Exhibition]

The New York Art Wave Project (NYAW) focuses on the Lower East Side (LES) district, a hot art spot that leads the trend in the New York art scene. Since the reopening of the New Museum in LES, more than 200 art galleries have opened in the area, and it is rapidly growing as a hot art spot. In May 2015, the Whitney Museum of American Art underwent a major reopening in downtown along the Highline. The art scene in the LES region is becoming even more popular.

The summer exhibition series "New Arts Prospect from Japan" started in 2014 in collaboration with "Ashok Jain gallery", a gallery located in the center of LES, which leads the art scene in New York. Has gained a lot of attention with each round, and this year marks the third time.

This exhibition is held to introduce artists who are active in the current Japanese art scene in New York, an art city that attracts the attention of art collectors around the world, where a wide variety of arts are crowded together. We look forward to the participation of enthusiastic artists at the opportunity to convey the thoughts of their works to the world through art and to meet opportunities for further leaps and bounds.

[Venue] Ashok Jain Gallery

[Address] 58 Hester St. Grand floor

New York, NY 10002 USA

Please feel free to contact us at for more information.

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