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: Cerebrate Arts from Osaka New Wave

Wooney Pon Kaukau Art Space 20th Anniversary Exhibition in New York!

New York Art Wave: Calling Artists

Uniponponkaukau 20 th anniversary: Cerebrate Art from Osaka New Wave

"Unipon 20th Anniversary Art Project"

(Unipon = Official Name: Wooney Pon Pon Kaukau Art Project Space & Bar)

【Call for Participation】

New York Art Wave (NYAW), which connects New York and Japan with art, is planning an exhibition to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening of "Wooney Ponkaukau Art Space", which is presided over by artist Takashi Inaba.

In 1993, "Wooney Pon Pon Kaukau Art Project Space & Bar", a space where you can enjoy art while relaxing in a calm atmosphere in Umeda Doyama, Osaka, appeared, and many young artists, mainly young artists, appeared as a pillar of Osaka Art New Wave. We have held exhibitions and events.

In the charming city of Osaka, we are creating and nurturing new culture with unique ideas and senses such as Machiya galleries and cafes in the Nakazakicho area of Umeda. A Unipon space that creates and realizes epoch-making ideas each time. Underlying this cannot be said without the passion and challenging spirit of many creators.

"Wooney Ponkaukau Art Space" can be said to be the starting point for Osaka culture people who love art, and has held various art events in Japan and overseas. As a culmination of 20 years and for the challenge of a new 20 years, we will hold a commemorative exhibition in New York, the world's number one art city, and disseminate Osaka art to the world.

NYAW operates in collaboration with the Japan office and the New York office. Resident staff who are familiar with local information will respond to the exhibition in New York, so you can participate with confidence. Join us for a great opportunity to connect with New York, the cutting-edge city of art.

Please contact for detailed recruitment requirements.

We will get back to you shortly.

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