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New Arts Prospect
Artists from Japan Series X 2023
= "A Path for The Future" =

= Venue =

Viridian Artist Gallery

= Address =

548 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001 USA

= Schedule Date =

              * Real Exhibition 

 Part 1: August 2 (Tue.) -13 (Sat.), 2022

  Part 2: August 16 (Tue.) - 27(Sat.), 2022

 * Virtual Exhibition

  Part 1: August 2 (Tue.) -13 (Sat.), 2022

 Part 2: August 16 (Tue.) - 27(Sat.), 2022

(Note: Please note that the date and time schedule is subject to change depending on the situation. The reception is undecided, and details will be updated from time to time.)

Please contact us via


= Annual New York Summer Exhibition =
"Pieces for PEACE"

The 9th New Arts Prospects Artist from Japan Series 2022

Orange Blue Pink Psychedelic Photocentric Peaceful Awareness Quotes Portrait Psychedelic P

New York is the world's number one art world filled with a wide variety of art. The "New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan Series", which started in 2014 with the purpose of introducing artists who are active in Japan, will celebrate its 9th time in 2022.


This exhibition plays an important role in international cultural exchange, improvement and development of the Japanese art scene, and career advancement of artists. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, we are looking forward to the participation of artists who are enthusiastic and proactive in transmitting the thoughts they put into their works through art to the world.

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