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Public Art install aion

in Harlem 2016

Calling Artists for outdoor installation

at the plaze of the State Office building in Harlem 2016

[About the 2016 Harlem Outdoor Exhibition]

The New York Art Wave Project (NYAW), which connects the New York and Japanese art scenes, will be exhibiting outdoors in support of the West Harlem Art Fund's performance event, which will be held in conjunction with Frids Art Fair Week in May 2016. I will do it.

We are considering an art project to install sculptures or objects for outdoor installation in a corner of the square near the entrance of the State Office Building in the center of Harlem.

For artists who are interested in outdoor exhibitions

1) Image of the work to be installed (photograph or illustration)

2) Size

3) Weight

4) Material

5) Concept

6) Installation method

7) Budget

To with information about the work, etc.

Please send it. The installation will start in conjunction with the art event (early May), and the installation period is scheduled to be about one month, and the cost of installation will be borne by the artist. We look forward to your participation in the unique works of ambitious artists at a rare opportunity.

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