New Arts Prospect

Artists from Japan Series VI, 2019

[New Arts Prospects: Artist from Japan Series 6th]

= Recruitment of artists to participate in the exhibition in the summer of 2019 =



2019 is

Held at a gallery in the Chelsea area!

New York is the world's number one art world, filled with a wide variety of art. The "New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan Series", which started in 2014, will celebrate its 6th anniversary this year with the aim of introducing artists who are active in Japan.


The exhibition has attracted a lot of attention and attention every year. At the "Contest in NY" held last year, not only art critics and art writers who are active in New York, who are deeply connected to the local art scene, but also general viewers voted for uniqueness. It was a very interesting exhibition. It is not just a pass-through exhibition, but the appearance of the visiting viewers carefully and seriously selecting the best works with individual feelings is deeply emotional even on the part of the organizer, and it is a unique feeling of Japanese artists. We received a great deal of compliments and support from New Yorkers, who were fascinated by the original works of technology.


Taichi Hara's work, which was selected as the best work, attracted a lot of attention because it matched the classical image of a famous art work that everyone knows with the original fantastic concept. It seems that Mr. Hara's unique world, which cannot be achieved without outstanding depiction techniques, shot the Grand Prix by a close margin due to the fierce dead heat with other artists. Mr. Hara was able to realize his long-awaited solo exhibition in NY, and he was impressed, so he was able to spend the fifth year of the summer exhibition brilliantly and safely.


The 2019 Summer Exhibition will be held this year at the Viridian Artists Gallery in the Chelsea district. Viridian Artists Gallery is a gallery run by architects, designers, cue letters or creators who are active on the front lines as artists. It was established in the 1960s and has been motivated for more than 50 years. It is an organization that supports the activities of up-and-coming artists. Members and special exhibitions will be decided through discussions with the steering committee members. Recommended by the director of the gallery based on past achievements, this summer's exhibition will be held at the well-established gallery Viridian Artists Gallery in Chelsea.


This exhibition plays an important role in international cultural exchange, improvement and development of the Japanese art scene, and career advancement of artists. We look forward to the participation of artists, both professionals and amateurs, who will disseminate the thoughts they put into their works through art to the world and develop enthusiastic and active activities.

For inquiries, please email.

Person in charge: Please feel free to contact Morikawa.