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New York Art Wave Project Presents

Virtual Exhibition

"The Pick Up Artist
​Online Solo Show"

The New York Art Wave Project holds a monthly virtual solo exhibition of up-and-coming artists. In February 2021, a solo exhibition by Mr. Taiyo Okamoto, a Japanese artist based in NY, was held and attracted attention not only from NY but also from all over the world. From the latter half of April, a virtual solo exhibition by Yuki Kobayashi, an artist who conveys a unique world view from the ancient Japanese "calligraphy", will be held. Mr. Kobayashi not only draws works with ink and paper, but also announces many performance activities such as dynamic installations and live painting, and the bold and unique expression makes the viewer surprised and healed. Mr. Kobayashi held a solo exhibition at the Scoop Art Fair in NY in 2015, and is an artist highly evaluated by New Yorkers.

Virtual exhibitions, which evolved from the restriction of many art events by the Corona sword, are now a trend in galleries around the world. NY Art Wave actively supports artists who present their works in NY.

The NY Art Wave Project hosts high-grade art events with aspiring artists of all ages (= judged).

For inquiries about virtual exhibitions, art events in NY, etc., please feel free to contact us by e-mail: or the contact page with a brief introduction.

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