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New Arts Prospect
"Artists from Japan Series VIII" 2021

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Now it's OPEN!


at the commercial gallery in Chelsea district

in New York!

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= Annual New York Summer Exhibition =
The 8th New Arts Prospects Artist from Japan Serie 2021


August 16-30, 2021

=Featuring artists=

Gani / Ichigo Nohara / K-Junko/ Mai Izumi 

Mariko Okabayashi / Mirai / Miwako Kashiwagi

 Monzo Watanabe / Morihiro Okamoto / Natsui Masuda
Natsuya Myoui / Popchan / Ranco S. / Rin Tachibana  

Shingo Hayamizu / Syo Komiya
Taku Takishima / Yoshihiro Kogure

 Yuko Sato / Yuuichi Tanaka

New York is the world's number one art world, filled with a wide variety of art. The "New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan Series", which started in 2014 with the purpose of introducing artists who are active in Japan, will celebrate its 8th edition in 2021.

The exhibition, which has gained a lot of attention and attention every year , is a new collector by moving the venue from the Lower East Side area to the Chelsea area's gallery "Viridian Artists Gallery" in 2019. It has developed into a new development in the development and sales of.

The Viridian Artists Gallery is run by architects, designers, cue letters, artists and other creators who are active on the front lines. It is an organization that has supported the activities of ambitious and up-and-coming artists for more than 50 years since it was established in the 1960s. The annual schedule will be decided by the members and special exhibitions through discussions by the steering committee members. Along with the rigor of veteran creators with solid eyes, the direction from the same artist's perspective is always based on the support of the artist. The NY Art Wave Project has gained a great deal of trust from the gallery based on its past experience and achievements, and has realized not only original art events but also joint projects such as collaborative exhibitions with American artists. .. The social life that has changed drastically globally due to the pandemic has also affected the world of art business, and an online exhibition called "Virtual Exhibition" that makes full use of 3D technology has appeared and is now a must-have for art shows. The annual "New York Summer Exhibition" will also support the works of Japanese artists based in New York from both virtual and real exhibitions.


This exhibition plays an important role in international cultural exchange, improvement and development of the Japanese art scene, and career advancement of artists. We look forward to the participation of artists, both professionals and amateurs, who will disseminate the thoughts they put into their works through art to the world and develop enthusiastic and active activities.

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