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Contest in New York 2018

Result announcement!

Grand Prix: Taichi Hara Award-winning work "Legend"

Dezaart Award (adopted eco-bag design)

Shin Miyahara

NYAW Project Exhibition Invited Artist


Ashok Jain (Owner, Galalist, Ashoka Jane Gallery)

Peter Malone (art critic, art writer)

Savona Bailey Mcclain (West Harlem Art Fund, Director)

Fusako Ohta (former New York Cast Iron Gallery, owner and director)

Daniela Pagnotta ( Owner of Ashok Jane Gallery,)

Sunnie Moto (art critic, art writer)

Joseph Reid ( art critic, art writer )

"Legend" Taichi hara.jpg
My Body 2018.JPG

Ikka Tamura

Kosuke Motohashi

Naoto Okuda

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Rising Sun town.jpg
Touryu-mon town.jpg

comments from Judges ~ Comments from judges


Ashok Jain (Ashok Jain gallery owner, gallerist)


It's never easy to select only one best work of art from the exhibition of obviously talented and uniquely individual artists. In fulfilling our responsibilities as judge, we made a conscious choice to after careful study, we chose Taichi Hara [LEGEND] for the grand prize winner of “The Contest in New York” exhibition- Taichi Hara's painting sounds in a more public voice. With its references to several artists work, Pieter Breughel and perhaps Georgia O'Keefe, the project could have fallen easily into parody. But Hara's skill the thought that went into as a painter maintained an impressive balance between personal expression and the practical of a historical style, in addition, the skill at absorbing, appropriating and combining disparate influences and artistic styles, creating a visual journey that is entirely his own. the detail and intricate design of the painting was astonishing.

It was a privilege to be invited to see art of this caliber and variety, and a great pleasure to participate in to the exhibition.



It's never easy to pick the best piece of work in an exhibition that brings together distinctly talented and unique artists. However, in order to fulfill our responsibilities as a judge, after careful judging, we have decided that the Grand Prix winner of the "The Contest in New York" exhibition will be Taichi Hara (work "LEGEND"). I will announce it at. Mr. Hara's work LEGEND contains many public elements. There are also parts that are reminiscent of the parody of the works of Peter Büruger and Georgia O'Keeffe. However, Mr. Hara's outstanding skills as a painter seem to have succeeded in maintaining an impressive balance between personal expression and the practicality of historical style. Also, the depictions that embody the techniques and painting details and intricate designs that absorb, utilize and combine heterogeneous influences and artistic styles to create a complete visual journey of his own were overwhelming. .. It was a great honor to be invited to participate in the opportunity to judge various styles of high quality art works.

Daniela Pagnotta (Ashok Jain gallery co-owner)


Congratulations to Taichi Hara, the way to success is always difficult, but congratulations for being so brave in taking challenges in life. Taichi's work, intense impact, excellent skill and complex visual draws on very related themes, the thought that went into the detail and intricate design of the painting was astonishing.



Congratulations to Taichi Hara. The road to success is always steep, but it's a very courageous act to challenge, and we congratulate you on this challenge. Taichi's work had a strong impression. With great skill, closely related themes were drawn in complex visuals, and the thoughts that led to the details of the painting and the elaborate design were amazing.



Peter Malone (art critic, art writer)


Congratulations for getting a special award for "LEGEND" Taichi Hara.

It was an honor and a pleasure to serve as judge.
Ikka Tamura was my first choice. Ikka Tamura's intricate sculptures displayed a unity that transcended their complex textures and references. Blending urban forms and mythical creatures is excellent, handling of such radically different visual sources succeeded, largely I believe by the artist's apparent confidence that they could.



It was an honor and a pleasure to be involved in this exhibition as a judge.

The first choice I made was Kazuhana Tamura. Tamura's complex semi-three-dimensional sculptures express a wonderful sense of unity beyond the texture and reference of the complex. The expressive power that fuses the shape of the city with the mysterious creatures is wonderful, and the artist's own clear confidence (in a good sense) that he has succeeded in handling such a radically different visual source. ) Was overflowing from the work.


Savona Bailey Mcclain (West Harlem Art Fund director)


My warmest congratulations to the most voted artist, who truly deserves and award, congratulations to Taichi Hara!

  I selected Madoka Suzuki as first place, the soft colors and style which is very traditional but then the suggestive nature of the work showing a complex evolution.



Congratulations to Taichi Hara, an artist who truly deserves to win the Grand Prix with the most votes.

I chose Mr. En Suzuki's work as the first place. I felt that it was a work with a very traditional soft color and style, but with properties that suggest a complex evolution (to the way of expression).


Sunnie Moto (Writer, art critic)


Congratulations for all the artists in the exhibition, all work's are appealed to me intensely.

My first choice was “Human Proof” Kosuke Motohashi. I liked the dimension the artist was able to create with a single color, it is simple, practical, and beautiful, look like real organic growth. His powerful and wants to live, I feel its nature.



I received a strong appeal from all the works exhibited in the exhibition. Congratulations to all the artists who participated in the exhibition. My first choice was "Human Proof" by Kosuke Motohashi. I was fascinated by the dimensions that the artist could create in a single color. It's simple, practical, beautiful, and looks like it's growing from true to organic. It was a work that made me feel the strength and demand for "life" and its essence.




Fusako Ohta (Cast Iron gallery former owner & director)

Congratulations to Taichi Hara for the Grand Prix. Taichi Hara's creativity and technology are both excellent and wonderful. It was a work that made me feel very interested in how it would develop in the future.




Joseph Reid (Writer, art critic)

I congratulate for the all of artists, it is beautiful and strong show, I see a lot of talented in here so It is very hard to choose the favorite one, so I pushed myself, I choose Naoto Okuda, “MORNING SUN NO.1 His piece is like an event, it engages the viewer in a dynamic way & presents an experience of time, then how simple it was, how it didn't even look like a painting, simply fascinating with the slightly shining lights on.



This exhibition is a wonderful exhibition with a strong impression, congratulations to all the participating artists. There were so many talented artists in this exhibition, and it was very difficult to choose just one of them. I forcibly chose "MORNING SUN NO.1" by Naoto Okuda. His work is event-like, posting the experience of time in a bold way and attracting viewers there. Although it is a simple expression, it is not just a painting, but I was fascinated by the faintly shining light.



Akemi Suzuki, Representative of NPO dessART
The desire to convey something about Mr. Miyahara's work is strongly conveyed. Supporting the work created by the dots and lines drawn with a pen is the strength of his core feelings as an author. At first glance, the work makes me wonder what it is, but mysterious feelings toward my body are obedient.

I think it is being expressed. I chose it because I thought it was the role of the artist to inspire and make the viewer aware of it.

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