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"Summer Contest in New York 2018" Grand winner Taichi Hara

solo exhibition in New York

"A Journey to the Tower"

November 7 (wed.) --11 (Sun.) 2018

opening party November 7 (wed.) 6-8pm 2018

It was like a dream to have a solo exhibition in New York, and I was so excited that I messed up a lot. If you think calmly, NY is a foreign country, so even if there is a system and style different from Japan, it is natural, but there are many things that you do not notice, and I learned a lot from this process. Even so, I was really impressed by the fact that it was actually realized. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people who supported us!

− Taichi Hara November 7th2018 at Ashok Jain Gallery in New York

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