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March 8 (Thursday) --11 (Sunday) 2018
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011



    “Visible Heartbeats”   

Miki Nakajima-Visible heartbeat

@ Scope International Art Fair New York 2018

Miki Nakashima Live performance at Scope International Art Fair 2018

Miki Nakashima Live performance at Scope International Art Fair 2018

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The New York Art Wave Project will hold a solo exhibition "Visible Heartbeat" by Miki Nakajima at the Scope Art Fair from March 8th (Thursday) to March 11th (Sunday).

Miki Nakajima-Born in Saga Prefecture in 1988. Since it was a thriving place for calligraphy, he started writing brushes at the age of three and went on to a prestigious high school that boasts a national victory. Since he was 16 years old, he won a special prize in the All Japan Calligraphy Competition for the second consecutive year, leading to a national victory for 12 consecutive years. While in high school, received 17 other special awards. Boasting the highest number of awards ever, the university has advanced to the art course calligraphy department. Started full-scale artist activities while attending university, and held his first solo exhibition "20 years" in Fukuoka in 2010. The following year, he went to New York alone. I was inspired by the NY art scene. Performed at Central Park and gave a work of calligraphy to many people. I realized firsthand that the Japanese culture "calligraphy" is loved so much in a foreign country, and that there is an artistic expression method in Japan that allows people to communicate with each other even in different countries and languages. I noticed it and was impressed again. In 2012, he held a university graduation solo exhibition "Hoshikage no Waltz" in Saga. During this solo exhibition, I decided to live as an artist for the rest of my life because I was confronted with an event that moved the viewer's heart through my work. While pursuing energetic activities, he was selected as a performer at the 2013 Fukuoka Airport and KLM Airport opening commemorative party "Fukuoka City Tourism Promotion", and performed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Paris, France, and received great acclaim in various places. I got praise. To commemorate this, we donated a 3D work to the Japanese restaurant "Hanawa", and our first performance in Europe was a great success. After that, in 2014, he was selected for the opening performance of the athletic meet held in Fasun, South Korea, and he performed improvisational performances at the reception party, and the performance at Kushida Shrine in Fukuoka, which is famous in Japan, was broadcast live on TV. I did. At the long-established Japanese hot spring "Ureshino Onsen Wataya Besso", we succeeded in performing in the river flowing through the premises while a large number of spectators were watching.

In 2015, he was invited to perform at a cultural exchange event held in Vienna, Austria, and contributed as a great bridge for cultural exchange between Japan and Austria. In 2016, the following year, I was invited to attend the "150th Anniversary of Italian Diplomatic Relations Festival" held in Sorrento, Italy. In addition, he produced and produced a charity event for the Great East Japan Earthquake and a mural ceiling painting for a Japanese restaurant in American Village, Okinawa Prefecture. In 2017, he held a solo exhibition "Miki Nakajima Exhibition 2017" in his hometown of Saga. He went to the United States in the summer and worked on the mural painting of "Menya Jiro" who won the NY Ramen Grand Prix, and at the JAPAN festival, activities such as the hottest street performance boasting a record number of spectators were developed. After returning to Japan, a solo exhibition "Today" was held in Fukuoka, displaying works produced in New York, and it became a hot topic that was taken up by various media. He has appeared in many performance projects at Kagoshima Prefecture's long-established inn "Shiramizukan", Uchimenya Jiro's space and mural paintings, and large shopping mall Aeon, Hilton Hotel Fukuoka Sea Hawk, Sumiyoshi Shrine, etc. At the end of March this year, at the "Sakura Festival" held every year in Atlanta, a performance appearance was decided at the invitation of the Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta. Currently, he has performed more than 100 times in 6 countries, mainly in Japan, and has produced 6 mural designs, and is developing ambitious activities both in Japan and overseas.

This time, we will participate in the "Scope Art Fair" of the world's best art festival "Armory Art Fair Week" held in New York every March, and many of you will be given a live performance by Miki Nakajima. I would be very happy if you could appreciate the work.

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