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Naoe Kawamura, a dyeing artist who made her long-awaited debut in New York last year.

Continuing from last year's high acclaim, the second solo exhibition will be held this year as well.

The theme of the second solo exhibition is "Silk Road"

The Japanese dyeing and weaving culture, which started from ancient Rome and crossed the Silk Road and became the end point in the east, has matured and grown with the passage of time. Kawamura's works will be exhibited with the theme of the image that the layers of the times overlap and the passage of time creates history, as if talking about the history of Yuzen dyeing. You can see the excellence of colorful and distinctive Japanese dyeing culture by up-and-coming dyeing artists.

Naoe Kawamura

solo exhibition in New York

"From the Silk Road"

at Ashok Jain gallery

58 Hester St, New York NY 10002

October 31 (wed.) --November 4 (Sun.) 2018

opening party November 1 (Thursday.) 6-8pm 2018

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