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New York Art Wave Project Presents

Virtual Exhibition

Yuuichi TANAKA

-About Yuuichi Tanaka-

Yuuichi Tanaka is a self-taught artist, works and lives in Hokkaido, Japan. 

His theme is “eternal innocence” inspired by the figure models from his family and friends, who are very close to him. His debut in New York at the Summer annual exhibition by NYAWproject in 2021, then he also had presentations at art fairs and other exhibitions in NY. He earns positive reviews as an outstanding artist. 

"I can only draw what I love.

And I think that the picture is drawn to show to myself rather than to show it to others.

I have never imagined that it was completed. I'm always looking forward to what kind of picture it will be

Something like my thoughts will definitely come out on my face.

Sometimes a happy smile becomes a lonely smile.

Actually, I want to draw a true smile of a small child, but at that time, I get a feeling that I didn't notice (Is it possible to laugh with such a face even if I grow up?). I think.

What makes me feel happiest right now is the happy smiles of my children. If I have the intention of drawing a picture, I think it's about drawing that smile as it is. However, I don't seem to be able to draw it now. Maybe it's impossible until my heart can laugh like a child. ”-By Yuuichi Tanaka

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