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An exhibition "New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan series V" by Japanese artists was held from July 25th (Wednesday) to August 19th (Sunday), 2018 at Ashok Jane Gallery on the Lower East Side. I will. This year's 5th exhibition was attended by 43 up-and-coming Japanese artists who passed the preliminary document screening.

is. The exhibition series, which started in 2014 with the purpose of introducing "Japan Art Now" in New York, the world's number one art city, is a contemporary to traditional work.

You can enjoy the unique world of Japanese art expressed in various styles.

This exhibition, which has become established in the New York art scene as a high-profile exhibition, is a special exhibition called [The Contest in New York] with a commemorative meaning for the fifth time. The event will be held, and one Grand Prix will be selected by an art person in New York, and the supplementary prize will be given the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition in New York.

This exhibition was realized with the support of the Japanese art NPO "DESSART" ( Artists who received a lot of feedback during the exhibition will be adopted for the design of the eco bag produced and sold by NPO Deza ART, so even general viewers can participate in the voting when visiting the hall. receive.

This exhibition plays an important role in international cultural exchange, improvement and development of the Japanese art scene, and career advancement of artists. An exhibition will come to New York with the meaning of supporting Japanese artists who are actively and enthusiastically developing their thoughts in their works through art.



Part 1: July 25th (Wed.) --August 5th (Sun.)

Opening Receiption July 26th (Thu.) 6-8 pm

= participated artists =

Chikako Nunome, Hisae Nishiguchi, Ichigo Nohara, Ikka Tamura, Kayoko Toga,

Kazuhiro Nagafusa, Kosuke Motohashi, Machiko Koike, Mayumi Saikaiya, Miwako Kashiwagi,

Natsui Masuda, Niwako Mori, Shin Miyahara, Shingo Hayamizu, Shingo Kujirai,

Shizuka Ueda, Tomoko Katou, Tomomi Sato, Yoko Kasuga, Yukihito Mineo, Morihiro Okamoto

Part 2: August 8th (Wed.) --August 19th (Sun.)

Opening Receiption August 9th (Thu.) 6-8pm

= participated artists =

Daisuke Hara, Fumiaki Asai, Hiroki Murata, Issei Suzuki, Junichi Ito, Madoka Suzuki,

Masatsugu Kinoue, Mayuko Hayashi, Michiko Motoya, Mika Isohata, Motoko Ogawa,

Misako Matsumoto, Monzo Watanabe, Kiyokazu Ito, Naoto Okuda, Reiko Furukawa,

Sakiko Toyama, Sumie Chiba, Taichi Hara, Yoko Nakanishi, Tomoko Suzuki, Yoshihiro Kogure

Artists from Japan series V 2018

"The Contest in New York"

    Special Summer Exhibition at Ashok Jain Gallery in New York

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