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Morihiro Okamoto: "BIG FOREST"

virtual solo show at Artd'4

Morihiro Okamoto Online Solo Exhibition

at artd'4 in New York

It's been 15 years since I started painting to express my world.

I wanted to make use of the photographic data of the work that was published in the catalog of the art organization "Independent Exhibition" to which I belong. In 2020, under the scourge of Corona, I was able to see the light of day from the NY art gallery to the world in the form of an online virtual. The social mechanism that changes due to the corona wreck also became an opportunity to step into the presentation of works by a new means called virtual.

Attempts to disseminate to the world from the cutting-edge New York art gallery have been vital to tomorrow and have led to the underlying theme of my work of interacting with nature.

December 2020 Morihiro Okamoto

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