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New York exhibition Art Fair

Process to realize participation


High grade at New York Art Wave

For artists who want to challenge the art scene in New York, we will assist in acting and coordinating projects related to art. Familiar with NY art affairs through complicated and complicated procedures

We will respond promptly to the local staff.

Seriously considering participation regardless of art career

Only for artists or coordinators

Please contact us.

The process of participating in events such as New York exhibitions and art fairs

The flow is as follows.

Flow until the exhibition is held


Application / Inquiry

Reception of application materials

Consulting or review

Introducing and presenting exhibitions and art fairs suitable for the work

Participation application / participation fee

About the shipping method of the work

Carrying in and setting up works

Exhibition held


Exhibition end

Carrying out / shipping

Work return work completed

Receipt confirmation

Project completed

It is a chart of the general flow to participate in the exhibition.

Each process is step-by-step.

Contact us email: or inquiry form please from.

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