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Events information 2:New York↔Japan, 2014

New York Art Wave: Calling Artists for Affordable Art Fair 2014

For artists aiming to become professionals Let's challenge the art scene in New York!

New York Art Wave (NYAW), which connects New York and Japan with art, is looking for artists to participate in the Affordable Art Fair 2014 to be held in New York in April 2014. To do.

The Affordable Art Fair started in London with the aim of "spreading art at a more affordable price (affordable)" and is now held all over the world, including Europe and Asia. It is a very popular art fair where the works of famous artists are also exhibited, and many collectors gather at the opportunity to purchase the works of famous artists at a reasonable price.

During the fair, art professionals from all over the world, such as gallerists, curators and art dealers, will come together to discover new talent. Participation in the fair is not only for the purpose of presenting and selling works, but also for expanding new possibilities and encounters overseas.

NYAW operates in collaboration with the Japan office and the New York office. Resident staff who are familiar with local information will respond to the exhibition in New York, so you can participate with confidence. Join us for a great opportunity to connect with New York, the cutting-edge city of art.


Application deadline Saturday, February 22, 2014

<Recruitment details>

● Flat work ● Photo ● Three-dimensional work (with size and weight restrictions)
● Craft

* There are regulations-Refer to the application guidelines * The number of entries is one work per person

[Flat works, photographs, three-dimensional works, crafts]

● Image data of the work Submit 3 to 5 work images in jpg format.

Work info such as title, size, material, year of production is also required.

* Submission of work image for judging. The actual exhibited work can be replaced with a new work.

Works presented in solo and group exhibitions are also acceptable, please contact us.

<Handling of copyright>
The applicant shall permit the organizer to use and post the submitted work image and the matters described in the application form on the website, magazines, other media, materials, etc.

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