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We will hold the second art & craft exhibition "Art & Craft Gift Show 2018" of the gift show "Zakka Japan" held at Ashok Jane Gallery last year.

Celebrating Christmas in the United States is the most important event of the year, which is equivalent to the New Year in Japan. On Christmas holidays, families and relatives get together to give "gifts" instead of New Year's gifts. It's the same in every country that a year's gratitude can be given to a heartfelt gift, from small to expensive.

Focusing on the Christmas gift season, we will exhibit and sell mainly handmade and one-of-a-kind special items by artists. The exhibition, which was held last year and gained popularity, is a great opportunity to easily participate in the New York art scene regardless of art, craft, or genre, so please join us.

[Venue] Ashok Jain gallery

[Address] 58 Hester St. Grand floor New York, NY 10002 USA


First session: October 31st (Wednesday) -November 11th (Sunday), 2018

Opening Reception Thursday, November 1st-Changes

Second session: November 14th (Wednesday) -November 25th (Sunday), 2018 Opening reception November 15th (Thursday) -Changes

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us at


Calling Artists

-Recruitment of participants-

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