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New York Art Wave Project Presents

Virtual Exhibition

RYUGA Tenzan

About Ryuga Tenzan

Ryuga Tenzan was born in Ibaraki, Japan, he lives and works in Ibaraki. He created a unique style inspired by the ancient landscape paintings that have been handed down as traditional oriental paintings. It expresses the texture of the rock surface by adding more three-dimensional objects on the flat world of paper or canvas, and the appearance of rocks and mountains overlaps with the appearance of a person who endured suffering and spiciness and realized. It has a strong will and expresses a dignified and unwavering heart.

Exhibitions & Awards


2022   Art on Paper New York, USA

2022  “Pieces for Peace” at Viridian Gallery, Chelsea, New York, U.S.A.

2021  "SAKURA for Tomorrow: contemporary artists from Japan and America in conversation
            Viridian Gallery, Chelsea, New York, U.S.A.

2020  "Akashiya Sanma no tenkoku de tenkoku", Akashiya Gallery, Akashiya, Tokyo       

           "Akashiya Sanma's Change of Profession DE Tenkyo", Akashiya Sanma Gallery,  Tokyo    

2018   Solo Exhibition at NAA Art Gallery (Tokyo Japan)

            Awarded of The 94th Hakuhikai Exhibition (Tokyo Japan)

            Received the honable mention at  Ibaraki Prefecture competition of the Art Exhibition,

     “Genten” Ibaraki Branch competition – Best Young artist Award

2016   2nd Hoki Art Museum Grand Prize Exhibition - awarded

2015   Japan/China/Korea National Painting Exhibition, Tokyo Japan

      Solo exhibition at Tsukuba Bank Gallery

2014   All Japan Portrait Exhibition, received the Excellent Prize

            Hoki Art Museum Grand Prize Exhibition, 2013

2010   Solo Exhibition at Cloud Nine gallery

About ​”Insight” series


“Mountains and water paintings, which have been handed down from ancient times as traditional paintings of the East, attracted me with their gentle colors and vigorous brushstrokes. I extracted the mountain of the landscape painting and created it.I added a three-dimensional shape to the plane world of paper to express the texture of the rock surface.

The mountains are imposing and unshakable. The form that is eroded by wind and rain is mysterious.

If I were to compare it to a human being, it would be an enlightened figure after enduring pain and suffering. An imposing and unwavering heart with a firm and strong will. A hermit might be that kind of person. “

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