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Summer Contest


New York

What a Grand Prix!

Held a solo exhibition in New York

New York is the world's number one art world, filled with a wide variety of art. The "New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan Series", which started in 2014, will be celebrating its 5th edition this year with the aim of introducing artists who are active in Japan.

The exhibition by Japanese artists, which is held every summer, is highly evaluated by the discerning New Yorkers of art rubber, and its reputation and attention are increasing every time. In addition to the unique and unique expressiveness that was born against the background of Japanese culture, we can also see the depth of interest in high-quality works based on delicate and elaborate technical capabilities. This exhibition, which has become established in the New York art scene as a high-profile exhibition, is planning and holding [The Contest in New York] with a commemorative meaning for the fifth time.


This exhibition will be a contest-style exhibition of works selected by art professionals in New York. At this year's exhibition, with the support of NPO Dessart, the artists selected for the Grand Prix will be given the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition as a supplementary prize.

In addition, two of the exhibition winners will be invited to another project to be held in New York, and other supplementary prizes such as being adopted for the design of eco bags produced and sold by NPO Deza ART are also available. I will. I hope that the passionate works of Japanese artists will create a whirlwind in the New York art scene.


This exhibition plays an important role in international cultural exchange, improvement and development of the Japanese art scene, and career advancement of artists. We look forward to the participation of artists, both professionals and amateurs, who will disseminate the thoughts they put into their works through art to the world and develop enthusiastic and active activities. (According to the purpose of this exhibition, the contest recruitment target is specialized for Japanese artists living in Japan, so please understand.)

[Venue] Ashok Jain gallery

[Address] 58 Hester St. Grand floor New York, NY 10002 USA

[Schedule] "The Contest in New York --The Contest in New York Exhibition"

Part I: Wednesday, July 25, 2018-Sunday, August 5, 2018

Part II: Wednesday, August 8, 2018-Sunday, August 19, 2018



You can download the detailed application requirements from here.

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