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Supervisor for New York Art Wave Project


                                            "Supporting the New York Art Wave"                        

                                              Yoshida Planning LLC.

Representative Director: CEO Hiroshi Yoshida


                                              It has been 10 years since I started living in New York since I was dispatched from the Dentsu Headquarters and was appointed as the president of Dentsu Holdings USA in New York in 2004.


Shortly after I came to New York, I went to a solo exhibition of a young artist invited by a friend. At the opening party at the Chelsea gallery, not only art professionals, but also students, businessmen and Wall Street

People from a wide variety of industries, including investors, gathered to make art discussions bloom. On the same day, another opening party was held in the Chelsea district, where people were laddering through several galleries.

The appearance of a new yoker who is easy to get close to art, and the environment where anyone with talent can put out his work as an artist.

When I saw New York, I felt a deep connection between this city and art. Around that time, I had the opportunity to meet Sai Morikawa, who presides over New York Art Wave, at a gallery in Midtown. Japanese and New York art

We hear interesting stories about the scene, such as differences in thinking and systems, and remember that the conversation bounced.

There are many talented artists in Japan as well. However, I think there are only a handful of people who have a place to play an active role in the world. New York Art Wave makes such Japanese artists leap into the world

It will guide you to the first step and the opportunity. And by interacting with the art world in New York, my talent was refined.

Further potential talent will blossom and grow.

I would like to support and be actively involved in the "New York Art Wave" for artists who challenge New York, the world's number one art world.


January 1, 2014


Best regards

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