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Artists from Japan series VI 2019

"The Contest in New York"

Special Summer Exhibition at Viridian Artists Gallery

August 13th (Tue.) -24th (Sat.)

Opening reception: Thursday, August 15th 6-8pm

= Featuring Artists =

Chikako Nunome * Emiko Aida * Eri Hirano * Fumiaki Asai * Hiromi Minami *

Ichigo Nohara * Ikka Tamura * Kiyokazu Ito * Madoka Suzuki * Meisyuku Ito *

Miho Takai * Miwako Kashiwagi * Monzo Watanabe * Morihiro Okamoto * Reiko Furukawa * Seiyou Fukuoka * Shingo Hayamizu * Shinichi Asao * Takashi Ozu * Tetsuaki Takasawa * Tomoji Ogawa * Tomomi Hata * Toshihito Kenzan * Yohei Sano * Yoko Nakanishi * Yoshihiro Kogure * * Yuko Sato * Yumiko Hirokawa *

Summer front 1.png

NY Summer Exhibition Preview

The annual NY Summer Exhibition New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan series VI, 2019 (6th New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan Series) is held in NY in the summer of 2019. Thanks to the favorable support of, we were able to close the curtain with great popularity. We are pleased to inform you that the entire project process has been completed successfully.

This year's annual NY Summer Exhibition has moved from the traditional A. Jain gallery on the Lower East Side to the Viridean Gallery in the Chelsea district.

One of the reasons is that the area called "Hudson Yard", which is right next to the Chelsea district where the Viridean Gallery is located, has made great progress as a city planning area in New York City. The Chelsea district itself is in the limelight as a NY tourist attraction with the appearance of a tour of the art galleries and the aerial park "High Line" due to the concentration of large art galleries that lead the NY art scene, including the super famous Gagozian art gallery. It was a popular area where many people gathered and the area was always busy. However, the atmosphere of the Hudson Yards area, which was about 10 minutes walk from there, changed drastically, and although it was a quiet and murderous area with few buildings, the great success of the high line was the beginning, and the development plan for the Hudson Yards area was also planned. Accelerating all at once, the station on subway line 7 was opened from Grand Central, and huge shopping malls, luxury condominiums and hotels were built around it. The highlight is the object-like building called "New York Hudson Yards Vessel". This huge building, which appears in the valley of the latest ultra-modern skyscrapers, is 115 stories high and has about 80 observatories, and the view of the Hudson River from there is truly spectacular. It seems that a lot of physical strength is required, but it seems that it is worth it, so when sightseeing in NY, while walking on the high line, stop by the Chelsea gallery to appreciate art, and then enjoy the view of the Hudson River in Vessel. I recommend it.

The story is a little off, but with the opening of the Hudson Yard next to Chelsea, not only local New Yorkers, but also tourists from all over the world who came to NY sightseeing and all over the United States who came to see the US Open of tennis. Visitors also stopped by the exhibition, and quite a lot of people could appreciate it, so this year it was developed in a new gallery space. Everyone recognizes that NY is the world's number one art city, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, and Guggenheim Museum, and therefore the general audience who sees authenticity in terms of "quality" is also harsh. People from all over the world are also hoping that "art works to appreciate in NY" will have a special meaning and that they will come across selected high-level works.

This is the sixth summer exhibition series that NYAWP started with the purpose of introducing the works of high-level Japanese artists to the New York art scene. Some of the participating artists are new to the event, and there are quite a few regulars, and every time I see the works of the regulars, the significance of challenging the NY art scene is great. I strongly feel that it is reflected. The motivation and effort to challenge in a high-level field seems to have a great influence on the artist's own work production and creative power.

The exhibition was organized by Terence Akora, an artist and critic who graduated from Yale University and is deeply involved in the NY art scene. The composition of the exhibition was praised by the gallery director and highly evaluated by the gallery side committee members. The exhibition's reputation and sales were strong, so we will have the opportunity to hold it at the gallery next year as well.

Artists who challenged the New York exhibition with wonderful works, gallery staff who cooperated with various complicated paperwork and procedures related to overseas exhibitions, NYAWP who was involved in various tasks such as interpreting and translation We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff of NPO, Akemi Suzuki of NPO Deza Art for their cooperation as a liaison.

I am grateful that this summer in New York also held an exhibition full of unique and wonderful works that came from Japan, and I am grateful that I was able to finish it safely. We will continue to devote ourselves, so please continue to support us.

I am grateful that this summer in New York also held an exhibition full of unique and wonderful works that came from Japan, and I am grateful that I was able to finish it safely, and next year I will continue to work in the art scene in New York with talented and motivated art works. We will continue to devote ourselves to developing this, so please continue to support us.

Message from the director of the Viridean Gallery

(Video / translation)


From Veridean Gallery Director Venita Nemek to the participating artists.


Venita's comment:

It was a great honor to have the opportunity to introduce wonderful works from Japan to New Yorkers and art collectors. It was a very interesting exhibition that condensed Japanese contemporary art (in this case, it means the works introduced in the current Japanese art scene, not general contemporary art). .. Realism works with the motif of the artist's relatives (from Emiko Aida's work), abstract works with various tastes, and (pointing to Kazuhana Tamura's work using cardboard), it is wonderfully including recycling elements. He created an exciting gallery space with fresh surprises such as materials and concepts such as works converted into art. All of the works were original and varied group exhibitions, such as works with unique ideas that incorporated lights and clocks into paintings (pointing to Mr. Hiromi Minami's work) and landscape paintings drawn with unique sensibilities. It is quite difficult and skillful to put together a group of works that each has a strong personality and to emphasize the strengths of each work, but it blends perfectly and creates a comfortable exhibition for the viewer. I was very impressed with what I was able to do. At the entrance (pointing to Kiyokazu Ito's work) abstract paintings with a very Japanese atmosphere and beautiful works reminiscent of Monet's water lilies (pointing to Yoko Nakanishi's work) The energetic and crazy (= in a good sense) object that was set up attracted many people to the gallery and contributed to attracting customers.


I would like to introduce you to Alan Gainer, President of the Gallery. Alain is an architect and a photographer. The final decision is entirely up to Alain's decision.

Alan's comment:

"It was a good exhibition with a great selection of excellent works. It was a great honor to be able to introduce wonderful works and artists in my gallery."

Venita's comment:

"I would love to have another opportunity to meet Japanese artists at the Vilidean Gallery next year. See you again next year. Arigato Sayonara"

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